Kids Karaoke Machine

Karaoke Machines for Younger Kids

Sing-Along CD PlayerSing-Along CD Player
A CD player and karaoke machine all in one!
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player with Microphone - BlueFisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player with Microphone - Blue
A kid boys' fun karaoke machine.
Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player with Microphone - PinkFisher-Price Kid-Tough Music Player w/ Microphone
Pink sing-along for preschoolers.
Pink Music Pop Star Singalong Microphone: Musical Party Stage Microphone Stand for the Little IdolPink Music Pop Star Singalong Microphone
Microphone which features cool sound effects.
Barbie Flower Karaoke System (Pink)
A fun machine for girls! Comes with two microphones.

Top Karaoke Machines for Kids

Memorex SingStand Karaoke System
A simple but powerful iPod based karaoke system. Great reviews!
Emerson DVD/CDG Karaoke Player
DVD/CDG Karaoke Player, Video, Movie, USB Player.
Singing Machine Portable Karaoke Machine
Features disco lights and 2 microphone inputs.
Singing Machine Top Loading Karaoke System
Karaoke system with disco lights for flashing party effects!
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How A Kids Karaoke Machine Can Help Your Child Learn And Develop


Kids love to sing and perform for their family and friends.  You may be thinking that a kids karaoke machine will be a fun toy to help keep your children as well as you entertained, and you are right.  However there are other important benefits.  It can also be a very helpful educational tool.  While your child is having fun singing along to his or her favorite songs he or she can also be learning to read, increasing their motor skills, gaining self confidence and a host of other important learning experiences.

If you have a young child there are kids karaoke machines designed especially with them in mind.  The machines are made for small fingers and have knobs and controls that are easy to operate.  Most children will be able to use them on their own and even change the music themselves.  This will help your child develop his or her motor skills as well as help to gain self confidence.

Many machines will display the lyrics to the song on your television screen.  Your child can follow along to the lyrics of their favorite songs while singing.  As they learn the songs by heart it will reinforce what they are seeing on the screen.  This will help your children develop their reading skills.  The music and words on the screen can also help with pronunciation and help to increase your child’s vocabulary.

Some leading toy and children’s educational companies have come out with kids karaoke machines which also feature educational components incorporated in.  For example the one from Leapfrog features over fifty songs, with each song teaching the child their letters, numbers, and life skills.  Your child will be learning while singing along to their favorite songs without even realizing it.

Another important benefit is that it will help your child learn to really appreciate music and song lyrics starting at a very young age.  This is a habit that can become a lifelong one and afford your children with a deeper appreciation of the arts and provide plenty of enjoyment.

Kids karaoke machines also help to promote family activities that everyone can enjoy.  Your children will love to pull out the mike and perform for you.  If you have more than one child there are models that come with two microphones so that they can sing and perform together.

Kids karaoke machines are one of the most popular children’s toys today.  Not only are they a lot of fun, but they can provide your child with many learning opportunities as well as help to build his or her self confidence.